How To Measure

Please refer to the size chart (located above the Add to Cart Button) on each and every product page for specific measurements for each brand varies.


As dogs are becoming more and more fashionable and people treat dogs as family members, dog clothes and shoes are being necessary for beloved dogs. Avoid unnecessary waste of money and time, we’d like to introduce you some tips of purchasing dog clothes and shoes.

Whether your dog is small or large, you have to measure your beloved dogs before purchase dog clothes and shoes for them. It’s easy but very important.

How To Measure

Back length, chest girth and neck girth (as picture shows) are elements for dog clothes. Chest girth is the most important. Back length is the length between neck and bottom, not from dog head to tail.

As dog is always lively, it's best to measure twice for correct dimensions. Enough gaps must be added to chest girth for dogs with puffy long hair; otherwise, the new clothes will be too tight. Most dog clothes are made of cotton, woolen and velvet, some are waterproof polyester (like dog raincoat), those material are not elastic.

It’s simple to measure dog paws, place your dog’s front leg on a white paper, draw out dog paw figure, measure the dimension (length and width) of the paw figure, add 1cm to the dimensions.

How To Measure

If your dog has different front and back paws sizes, the bigger size will be taken. The best suggestion is that you can buy two sets of dog shoes with two sizes for cleaning, lost or broken replacement. Anti-slip is the key to dog shoes.

Every dog owner should know that not every dog will love the clothes and shoes, if it’s the first time, you should be patient to train them, and firmly say no to them when they are trying to scratching, chewing or tearing the dog supplies. Because they just need some days to adapt.