Small Pink Snap Dog Leash NEW ARRIVAL

Small Pink Snap Dog Leash

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The most comfortable dog leash on the market today!

The Small Snap Dog Leash was designed in cooperation with a leading dog trainer of obedience and field. It is easier to use than other head halters and harnesses. It is designed for heeling, sitting, to stop jumping & the whoa command.


  • The solid brass snap is non-corrosive. Handcrafted "MADE IN THE USA" construction, using only the finest materials, ensures premium performance
  • Made from an very soft multifilament polypropylene roping and solid braid webbing
  • It's waterproof, colorfast and shows no performance-loss when wet. UV coating protects against decay and fading
  • The snap leash is the perfect solution for everyday use, exercising and training, whether walking in the park or field

Size 3/8" x 4ft